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Culinary Expert | Restaurateur | Community Advocate


Donnell Long’s versatility and resiliency is translated best in the kitchen.  As a chef and restaurateur, Donnell has displayed excellence, intense passion and an innovative, yet classic approach to cooking and cuisine.


Born and raised in Washington, DC, Donnell developed a love for cooking at a young age.  While navigating the world of foster care, Donnell managed to gain momentum and follow his culinary dream.  Graduating at the top of his class at Washington Culinary Institute, Donnell soared above his contemporaries and quickly received accolades and opportunities to display his talent in the kitchen.














While creating momentum for such restaurant heavy

hitters as The Cheesecake Factory, Champs Americana

and McCormick and Schmicks, Donnell has also made

a name for himself catering to the rich and famous. 

With notable personalities and organizations such as

Doc Walker, the David Falk Organization,

Grant Hill’s family, Michael Jordan, The Washington

Mystics, Russ Parr, and U.S. Senator Vance Hartke

seeking his skills in the kitchen, Donnell has had the

privilege of developing relationships through his

“throwback” approach to cooking.  Donnell was most

recently featured on The Wendy Williams Show and is a

favorite guest Chef at The Social Safeway in Georgetown.


Donnell served as both co-owner and Executive Chef at

Stonefish before making his culinary home in historic

Upper Marlboro.  The Olde Towne Inn, the premiere dining

location in PG County, is the perfect combination of

Chef Donnell’s personality and culinary expertise.  

Some have called his style “New Orleans cuisine”-

probably because of a few of the flavor profiles that

intensify his seafood, but ask him and he’ll tell you it is

traditional food with a twist.  He calls it a “throw back” to home cooking- fresh and full of flavor.  He focuses on regional flavors and is a huge fan of seafood.  Donnell watches the trends, adds his touch, but never veers from his roots of home cooking.  His cooking is reminiscent of “when real cooking was in style.”

In addition to his work in the kitchen and his numerous business ventures, Donnell is passionate about his work in the community.  As co-founder and Chairman of the Board for WHALER’s Creations, a non-profit organization focused on providing job skill development and life skills training, Donnell has put his “money where his mouth is” by investing greatly in the lives of youth. 

   He is no stranger to struggle but has defied the odds, both as a former foster youth and a minority Chef and successful business owner.  However, his own success is not the sole motivation for his mission.                                  Donnell is dedicated to seeing young people “dare to succeed” by providing opportunities and  empowering young people with the tools they need to break the cycle of struggle and follow their dreams.                                                                          


His generosity spans the DC area, with contributions of his time and talents to               schools, non-profit organizations and special events.  He is known as playing the role of “Santa” to foster kids each Christmas with a shopping list that would make most run and hide.  He recently received a

Although his busy schedule would make most believe that Donnell Long is hard to catch, most days he can be seen visiting tables at the Olde Towne Inn and shaking hands with his loyal fans.  Chef Long is the epitome of why good food is key to building relationships and community.  Donnell is personally committed to growth, both in business and in life.  Taste his success in his food, experience his passion through the genuine hospitality at the Olde Towne Inn and feel his heart by supporting his cause at www.whalers-creation.us.