Great food, live music and relaxed atmosphere

Heard from The Grape Vine




With the purchase of an entree, your child can eat free every Monday from 6-9pm.


Offer is only good for one child per table.

Enjoy the sounds from the the area’s hottest jazz bands each and every Wednesday, Thursday & Friday after 7:30 pm

Enjoy the smooth sounds of Brian Lenair from 11am - 1pm during our famous Sunday Morning Brunch


Last week, Olde Towne Inn had the privilege of hosting J. Moss for his week long visit at Praise 104.1.  We had a great time in and out of the studio and J. Moss enjoyed OTI meals all week long. 


Some of his favorites?  He raved about the Pear and Pecan Salad with Salmon (we’d have to agree with that one!) and the Seafood Fettucine, to name a couple.  If you missed it on air, check out some of our highlights.


This should whet your appetite and get you ready for your weekend reservation!  Enjoy the latest review by Johnna Knows Good Food‘s Renee aka “Snacks”


Top 5 Dishes


Snacks starts with dessert and ends with a perfectly cooked scallop on our seafood platter.  We like how you think, Snacks!


Thank you for visiting- come back soon!

We realize that the grill is the 2nd best option for dining this summer (the first, obviously being at the OTI).  Here are 3 of our favorite seasonal items to fire up for your next meal.


1. Tomatoes


Slice a large beef steak tomato in half.  Brush some extra virgin olive oil on top, sprinkle with kosher salt and pepper to taste, then add fresh basil.  Grill on medium heat for about 7-8 minutes.  To.  Die.  For.


2. Avocados


Half and pit.  Brush lightly with oil and grill over medium heat.  Slice the grilled avocado to add to your burger or use for a smoky guacamole.  It’s a power food and summer time is the perfect time to enjoy the benefits of this delicious fruit.


3. Peaches


Half and pit.  Sprinkle with brown sugar and for some added “umph” a touch of butter.  Grill on low heat for 15 minutes or until a sweet glaze has formed on top.  Serve with fresh whipped cream for dessert.


Visit your local farmer’s market for the freshest, seasonal fruits and veggies and follow these tips for choosing great produce:


For tomatoes, choose one without blemishes and with a deep, red color.  With avocados, choose a dark green to black avocado and hold gently in the palm of your hand.  Apply pressure and if it yields slightly to the pressure, you are good to go.  Beware of choosing an avocado that is too soft or too firm.  However, if you don’t plan to use the avocado for a few days, a firm avocado is perfect.  Lastly, peaches are at their best between June and August.  Look for a deep crease, a slight give to pressure when gently applied, and a good fragrance.

Looking for a hot spot to hang out this summer?  Make OTI your “go to” place every Saturday.  DJ One Luv will be spinning the best of classic R&B and Hip Hop, while Chef Donnell serves up all of his best entree recipes at 50% off.


Throw on your best summer threads and get to OTI.


Good people.  Good food.  Good times.


If you stay at the Olde Towne Inn for any length of time, you will notice that it seems like EVERYONE knows Chef D Long. 


From fist pumps to formal greetings, the chef at this spot is no stranger to his guests.  As a matter of fact, he seems to know most of their names.  Chef Long is known as being approachable and in touch with everyone who walks in the door.  My best guess is that this is ONE of the driving forces behind his success.  However, I figured I would clue you in to a few other details that undoubtedly keep Chef Long and the OTI on the “need to know, need to go” list for restaurants in PG County.


1. Chef Donnell Long thrives on excellence.  Ask him what he expects to see at any given time and that is the first word that comes out of his mouth.  We like it and apparently, his fans do too.


2. Chef Donnell Long’s cuisine is reminiscent of “when real cooking was in style.”  Some have called his style “new orleans cuisine”- probably because of a few of the flavor profiles that intensify his seafood, but ask him and he’ll tell you it’s traditional food with a twist.  He calls it a “throw back” to home cooking- fresh and full of flavor.  He focuses on regional flavors and is a huge fan of seafood.  He said he watches the trends, adds his touch, but never veers from his roots of home cooking.


3. Chef Long is driven by a cause.  Have you talked to him lately?  Well, if you do, it won’t take long before you will hear comments or references to something he is doing in the community.  It’s rare that you meet a chef/business owner who is as focused on giving back as Chef D Long.  He is committed to helping foster youth achieve their dreams and heavily supports the organization that he co-founded, WHALER’s Creation.  But the buck doesn’t stop there, Chef Long is regularly spending time investing in youth, schools, and causes that motivate and inspire young people everywhere.


Makes you want just a little bit more doesn’t it?  Stop by OTI for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  You’ll be sure to see Chef Donnell Long while you are there.


And yes, ladies, he’s single.  Shhh, that’s #4.

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